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Seminar: Selective Laser Melting Research at UWA

AMPAM Seminar Series

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 15 July 2014
Venue: 49-502 Advanced Engineering Building
Speaker: Professor Tim Sercombe, School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, The Univesrsity of Western Australia
Event Description: 
This seminar will outline some of our recent research in Selective Laser Melting at The University of Western Australia in two main areas 1. Titanium: This work includes the development, production and testing of high strength to weight ratio structures, the processing and heat treatment of Ti2448 produced via SLM. 2. Aluminium: Here recent results on the effect of processing atmosphere on the SLM of Al-12Si, heat treatment and properties of Al-Si based alloys, the formation of cracking and the production of aluminium matrix composites will be discussed. The rapid cooling of the SLM process results in non-equilibrium microstructures, which can be easily manipulated into novel structures with high ductility via simple heat treatment

Event Attachments

Contact: Brianne Mackinnon
Email: b.mackinnon@uq.edu.au