Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
and Manufacturing

Seminar: Research showcase - Eric Wang, Ani Darlapudi and Arvind Prasad

AMPAM Seminar Series

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 01 July 2014
Venue: 49-502
Speaker: Eric Wang, Ani Darlapudi and Arvind Prasad
Event Description: 
This AMPAM seminar will showcase three research projects. Each will be 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes question time: 1) Grain Refinement of an Al-2 wt%Cu Alloy by Al3Ti1B Master Alloy and Ultrasonic Treatment 2) The influence of ternary alloying elements on the solidification and microstructure of Al-Si alloys 3) On the role of the melt thermal gradient on the size of the Constitutionally Supercooled zone

Event Attachments

Contact: Brianne Mackinnon
Email: b.mackinnon@uq.edu.au