Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
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Seminar: Durable and Biobased Polyurethanes from Aliphatic and Aromatic Building Blocks

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 15 April 2015
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Venue: Room 502, Advanced Engineering Building
Speaker: Professor Luc Averous
Event Description: 
The discovery of polyurethanes 1937, via the reaction of a polyester diol with a diisocyanate, has permitted to develop a new family of valuable polymers. Polyurethanes (PUs) are now one of the most consumed family of polymers in the world. The performances and properties of PUs are extensively tailored by the chemical nature of the reactants as well as the processes used. The use of renewable biobased carbon feedstock is highly taken into consideration because it offers the intrinsic value of a reduced carbon footprint and an improved life cycle analysis (LCA), in agreement with a sustainable development. Hence, the forthcoming materials for daily use will be obtained more and more from the biomass. More recently, different PUs without isocyanates (NIPUs) have been elaborated in perfect agreement with a green chemistry (e.g. without solvent, catalysts). In this presentation, we report an overview of more than eight years of research on the synthesis and characterization of several innovative and biobased polyurethanes (PUs, TPUs and NIPUs), with controlled and organized macromolecular architectures. They are synthesized with: (i) aliphatic structures from modified glycerides, dimer fatty acids, sugar-based molecules (isosorbide) and (ii) aromatic structures from lignins, tannins and furans. A large range of nice properties and durable applications can be developed from these different architectures, for a greener and durable future.

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Contact: Kristin Greer
Email: k.greer@uq.edu.au