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Seminar: Detection of Edge Delamination in Fibre-reinforced Composite Laminates

AMPAM Seminar Series

Event Details

Date: Friday, 25 July 2014
Venue: 45-205 Mansergh Shaw Building
Speaker: Tobias Renz
Event Description: 
Delamination damage on free edges is a known challenge of machining composite materials and is one of the most common and critical defects in fibre-reinforced composite materials. Guided wave testing enables detection of defects in large structures over long distances even in materials with high attenuation, over the entire thickness, and of inaccessible areas. A literature review and preliminary 2D simulation studies revealed the possibility to apply a time reversal principle on dispersive Lamb waves in plates. The mode conversion behaviour of incident Lamb wave modes A0 and S0 were investigated by using a simplified 2D simulation model. Further analyses were carried out by an isotropic 3D model. The results of time reversal simulations that allow for evaluation of an image along the edge are presented within this seminar. The impact of different excitation directions and frequencies is discussed. Limitations regarding the number and distance of transducers and delamination size are presented. Finally, experimental results are explained. Tobias Renz is a Master’s student at ETH Zurich. This project is carried out within the UQ Composites Group as part of Tobias’ Master’s Thesis under the supervision of A/Prof Martin Veidt and Prof Jürg Dual.

Event Attachments

Contact: Brianne Mackinnon
Email: b.mackinnon@uq.edu.au