Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
and Manufacturing

Seminar: CIMComp and its Role in the UK Composites Manufacturing Research Landscape

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Date: Thursday, 16 April 2015
10:00am - 11:00am
Venue: Room 132, AIBN Building (75)
Speaker: Dr. Peter Schubel
Event Description: 
The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites (CIMComp) was set up in June 2011 following funding of £5.2 million over 5 years awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for the development of a national centre of excellence in fundamental research for composites manufacturing. CIMComp underpins the development of next-generation composites manufacturing processes based on low cost, short cycle times, efficiency and sustainability. CIMComp is led by the University of Nottingham and involves three other leading academic institutions in composites manufacture as core partners - the Universities of Bristol, Cranfield and Manchester. There are five additional Universities associated to CIMComp through funded project activities (Exeter, Glasgow, Imperial College, Queen’s Belfast and Sheffield). Current activities involve 33 industrial partners and four Technology Centres, with a portfolio of 32 inter-related projects and an Industrial Doctoral Centre, with a total portfolio value of over £30 million; this forms a key element in the UK Composites manufacturing R&D strategy. The seminar will introduce the role of CIMComp within the UK Composites manufacturing R&D and will give a quick-fire summary of the current projects running within CIMComp.

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