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Seminar: ‘Thermoset Composite Welding’ for Rapid Assembly of Aircrafts, & Early Career Researcher Showcase at CRC Association Conference

AMPAM Seminar Series

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Venue: 49-502 Advanced Engineering Building
Speaker: Luigi Vandi
Event Description: 
In this seminar, Luigi Vandi will present his PhD project in the context of the Early Career Researcher Showcase, which took place at the Cooperative Research Centres Association’s conference in Perth last month. The first part of this seminar will give an overview of the operations linked to the Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRCA), whose purpose is to maintain efficient research and secure the long-term survival of all CRCs across Australia. A strong focus will be made on the CRCA Early Career Researcher Showcase, where the entrants were asked to submit a 30-second video to convey the aim of their research clearly and effectively. Luigi was amongst the five finalists who were chosen to attend the CRCA Conference in Perth on May 20-21 and give a an oral presentation about their research. The second part of the seminar will focus on the CRC-ACS project referred as ‘Thermoset Composite Welding’ (TCW). In recent years, composite materials have become the material of choice for manufacturing aircraft structures. However unlike metals, carbon-epoxy materials cannot normally be welded together, making their assembly very challenging. The work that will be presented is centred on TCW, a new technology patented by the CRC-ACS, which allows these materials to be welded together, and consequently decrease the assembly time and cost of aircraft manufacturing. The work will be described through a five-minute presentation only. This seminar will be suitable for a general ‘non-expert’ audience, and is recommended for anyone to attend (including non-academic, non-research staff). This will also be beneficial for anyone conducting a PhD with a Cooperative Research Centre.

Event Attachments

Contact: Brianne Mackinnon
Email: b.mackinnon@uq.edu.au