Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
and Manufacturing

QMI Solutions

QMI Solutions is a Queensland based organisation dedicated to improving the growth, skills, performance, innovation and capability of businesses Australia wide.

With extensive experience working with a wide range of industries, a strong background in manufacturing and a healthy string of success stories behind it, QMI Solutions provides specialist knowledge and expertise to organisations so that they can reach their full potential.

Through our skilled team of specialist consultants we provide new ideas and business tools that solve Australian industry’s challenges. We introduce workforce development strategies, operational enhancements, avenues for innovation, links to new business and major project opportunities, researchers and the latest technology; QMI Solutions has helped many businesses increase their competitiveness in both national and global markets.

Our thought leadership is highly regarded by Australia’s top academic institutions with QMI Solutions having played a key role in introducing new technologies to industry such as 3D Printing.  Our invaluable networks with academia, government and a wide range of leading industry organisations provide excellent opportunity for businesses to connect, develop and grow.

QMI Solutions can help your business through our personalised consulting services or through our wide range of highly regarded and regularly held workshops and seminars.

Our specialist knowledge, products and services are for businesses looking for:

  • Business growth opportunities
  • Increased profitability
  • Better productivity
  • Innovation
  • Commercialisation and collaboration
  • Training and education
More information is available on the QMI Solutions website