Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
and Manufacturing

Defence Materials Technology Centre

DMTC programs enhance Australian Defence Force capability through collaborative projects that boost Australian industry capability and capacity and are underpinned by Australia’s world-renowned research expertise. Projects deliver real technology and manufacturing solutions to Defence across a range of disciplines.

DMTC projects apply focused research and target areas of high industrial and Defence relevance. The early identification of capable industry partners ensures that technologies and capabilities have a clear path to adoption and commercialisation.  The involvement of the Defence customer ensures ongoing relevance to the Defence end-user. 

Established in May 2008, DMTC operates on a co-investment model that allows its innovative industry and research sector partners to leverage other funding and resources to maximise the impact of their work. Through its collaboration with DMTC, the research sector receives significant financial and non-financial value including allowing students to gain practical insights and relevant industry experience.

DMTC operates as an independent, not for profit company, limited by guarantee.

More information is available on the DMTC website