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CRC for Rail Innovation

The CRC for Rail Innovation is a collaborative venture between leading Australian universities and rail industry organisations, with support from the Commonwealth Government. Over the seven years to 2014, it is expected that the CRC for Rail Innovation will have invested around $100m in rail research, making it the single biggest research program in the history of Australian railways.

Our vision is that the research undertaken will generate significant economic and social benefit for Australia. Driven by our mission of becoming the leading Australian rail research provider, the CRC for Rail Innovation aims to deliver a legacy of wide ranging benefits for the rail industry and Australia.

With this objective in mind, the research carried out aims at producing solutions to the rail industry’s most pressing challenges. Our research is focussed through seven broad themes:

  • Climate Change & Environment
  • Safety & Security
  • Urban Rail Access
  • Performance
  • Smart Technologies
  • Workforce Development
  • Adoption and Commercialisation

The CRC for Rail Innovation will, by undertaking adoption-focused research, ensure that its research outputs achieve high levels of impact and utilisation by end-users. This in turn will result in significant economic, environmental and social benefits to Australia.

There are two broad pathways to having our research outputs used by the rail industry. These are through direct adoption by the organisation and commercialisation through a third party. Both involve the CRC and participants:

  • having a detailed understanding of the output of the research;
  • determining how that output will be able to be applied in industry;
  • defining a pathway to utilisation; and
  • having an understanding of the effect that the utilisation will have on the rail organisation, both at a macro and micro level.

An adoption/commercialisation plan will be developed or implemented for each CRC for Rail Innovation project.

It is the CRC for Rail Innovation’s objective to deliver maximum benefits to its participants through early and effective collaboration, and an optimum process of adoption or commercialisation of its research outcomes. This will help underpin the transformation of rail into a more productive, efficient, safer and environmentally friendlier industry.

More information is available on the CRC for Rail Innovation website