Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
and Manufacturing

CRC for Advanced Composite Structures


The CRC for Advanced Composite Structures (CRC-ACS) brings research providers and composites businesses together to provide competitive technology for Australian industry. Since its inception in 1991, it has grown to become one of the world's leading composites research organisations. The partnership includes leading national and international composites businesses, government research laboratories and Australia's foremost universities in composites research. The 2010 – 2015 extension program consists of eight projects in the areas of Materials and Manufacturing, Simulation and Systems Development and Operations and Sustainment.

CRC-ACS has extensive experience in every stage of composites research, design and development and has developed a formidable array of new technology for its partners and commercial customers. Its unique position, bridging research, development and implementation of composites technology, means that the CRC-ACS can support your business on many levels, and become an integral partner in the generation and adoption of new technology.

More information is available on the CRC-ACS website