Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
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    • The University of Queensland Advanced Engineering Building (AEB)

      The Advanced Engineering Building will enhance The University of Queensland's work to embed a research experience in undergraduate engineering studies, maximise global opportunities for students, and provide innovative spaces and blended learning laboratories.

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    • Michael Heitzmann

      In-mould priming of fibre reinforced plastic helicopter components using thermoplastic polymers

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    • Luigi Vandi

      Understanding Interphase Formation in Thermoset Composite Welding

      Composite materials have become the material of choice for manufacturing aircraft structures. However unlike metals, carbon-epoxy materials cannot normally be welded together, making their assembly very challenging. My project is centred on a new technology patented by the CRC-ACS, allowing these materials to be welded together. My PhD focuses on unravelling the molecular mechanisms at the interphase formed between these materials to ensure this process can be implemented on future aircrafts.

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    • Angélica Legras

      Short Fibre Biocomposites

      Biocomposites emerged as a viable alternative to glass reinforced plastics, thanks to the considerable mechanical properties of natural fibres combined with their attractive price and increased sustainability. Composite processing by extrusion may considerably change the fibre properties. The influence of the processing parameters on biocomposite properties is not yet clearly understood.This research mainly focuses on the optimisation of extrusion process to develop competitive products.

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    • University of Queensland "COz" team triumphs in Airbus Fly Your Ideas challenge final in Paris

      During the 2009 Paris Air Show, Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders announces the winner of the company’s Fly Your Ideas competition, which asked university students to develop creative, eco-efficient ideas for the future of aviation. Members of the University of Queensland’s "COz" team explain their winning idea, which proposed the use of bio-composite cabin materials made from the castor plant.

      Date: Friday, 19 June 2009