Centre for Advanced Materials Processing
and Manufacturing

UQ Composites Group

The UQ Composites Group conducts research in the manufacturing of composite materials, structural health management and biocomposites as part of the Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM), including the following:

  • Expertise in the application of thermoplastic polymers for composites manufacturing, surface optimisation and joining of dissimilar materials.
  • Development of bio-based composites including natural fibre composites and nanocomposites.
  • Application of ultrasonic measurement techniques to characterise composite materials, evaluate the integrity of structural components and develop smart materials for structural health monitoring.

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  • Industry engagement

    Industry Engagement

    UQ Composites Group has a strong focus and successful track record in industry-funded research.

  • Facilities and Services

    Facilities and Services

    UQ Composites Group has access to world-class facilities for the manufacturing, testing and characterisation of composite materials.

  • Reseach and Development


    UQ Composites Group conducts research in three major areas; Materials and Processes, Testing and Characterisation, and Modelling and simulation.

Supported by our industry partners, together with UQ:

  • Airbux Helicopters
  • Australian Government Department of Defence, Defence Science and Technology Organisation logo
  • DMTC